Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bruno Took on a Different Role Today ...

Miss Brielle up top with mom.

There was a big audience of great-grandma, grandma, grandpa and others. All the green foam at his lips is from the munch of grass he had while waiting for Miss B's diaper to be changed. One never rides in a soiled diaper :)

Bruno was so well-behaved and gentle.

My landlady's family was out today for a visit - it's so beautiful out here, and the weather is still summer-like.  As I was grooming Bruno, Henry [aka grandpa] watched with Brielle, who thought she'd like to try riding Bruno. While they watched, I lunged him, and then rode him, and he was extremely good, so I had no qualms about having wee tots on his back.  Brielle decided she'd like to have mom up there with her. So Katie got on, then we handed Brielle to her, and Katie put her in front. I walked them around for about 15 minutes, till Miss B. decided she'd had a long enough ride. She was very good and quiet, and I am so happy she had a great first- time experience with a horse. And Bruno was a super-star!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Get Your Red-Hot Hawthorn Berries HERE

Hawthorn berries
8.5 x 5.5 in.
22 x 14 cm.
$93.00 Cdn. plus $10.00 shipping anywhere

Sorry, I am having the devil of a time to get a paypal button to show on this page, but it is available through paypal.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Trying Out Some Botanical Painting while I Creep Up toward the Front of the Horse ...

Slowly working my way forward, doing detail work - tail done, hoof shadows, some  work on the tack ...

I started two botanical style paintings. These are hawthorn berries. The berries were started with quin. sienna. The leaves were done with a wash of aureolin, followed by quin. gold and phthalo green.

... glazed with alizarin crimson

... realized the reds and oranges were not going to give the depth of shadow I wanted, so did a dry brush glaze with a brown mixture.

Now I am back to glazing with sienna here, and will move to alizarin and see what I get.
Painting is 33 x 14 cm.

Blackberries - some berries were started with cobalt blue, the others with brown madder and a aureolin/brown madder/cobalt blue mixture.

Then I quickly got them dark - the berry on the left I tried to paint without masking, got impatient and masked the rest of the dark ones.

Now I have to go back and soften and play with the edges left by the masking.
This painting is 33 x 16 cm.

It's a gorgeous, sunny day here, but the wind is HOWLING! I'll have to wait till it calms a bit before going out to play with the lad. He's been feeling very feisty lately with the cooler weather.

Thank you for dropping by! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

It's a Beautiful Morning ...

I just had to get these photos just now, looking past the barn to the field and park beyond.

These two images are about the same stage, just different lighting/times of day when the photos were taken. I have most of the local color down. Now it's a matter of finishing the details, and taking a good, long look to see how dark I would like to take the background, and integrating the foreground with the background.
I have been doing double duty with animals, helping a neighbor, while she is away, with her two horses, two dogs and cat. So I haven't had as much time to paint, but it's coming along in the right direction.

Thank you for dropping by!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Some Time Away from Horses and Watercolor ... and It Was GOOD

Heading down to the beach ...

... more stairs

some gorgeous views on the climb down

... and still more stairs

locals at the beach - got some good reference photos of the gulls

... and a steep climb back up

I spent Monday afternoon away from horses and painting, and visited a friend in White Rock. It is a lovely, still small and quaint town. I think it started out as a beach community, and moved up the hills over time. The beachfront is busy all year round, especially in summer. It's a lovely stretch of homes and shops and restaurants. Pearl and I hiked down through forest to the beach, and ambled along for a while.  Then we stopped for a lovely leisurely lunch. A bit more ambling on the sea-walk, then back up the dreaded hill. WOW ... it's steep! My calves are still stiff four days later, and I thought I was in reasonable shape :)

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Sunday, August 31, 2014


13 x 8.5 in./
33 x 22 cm.
transparent watercolor on Winsor/Newton rag paper
$214.00 plus $20.00  shipping
I know I had mentioned that I painted this for a friend with whom I work. But when talking with her about a week ago, she said she would much rather I sell it, as she realizes I need the money. So here we are ... offering this beauty for sale.
If you have any questions, or a burning desire to have this painting, please leave me a note.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Horsey Commission ... or ... a Work in Progress

I was recently asked by a woman in Washington if I could do a horse/rider painting as a gift.  This is my drawing ...

I have also done a color work-up, so I won't run into trouble later in the painting. 

The painting is larger than I have been doing lately - 16 x 21 inches.
Here, I've masked out a thick outline of the horse and rider, and done several background washes of quin. burnt orange, quin. violet and indanthrone. 

The background is largely completed, so I've removed the masking, and started applying thin glazes of quin. violet and indanthrone to indicate the shadows. From the photos, the horse appears to have a violet tint overall to his grey coat.

I think the shadows are done, and will now start working with the local colors.

I managed to get a lot done today. No riding - I feel so sorry for Bruno ... this past week he's had one injection in the neck to tranquilize him for dental work, a huge wasp sting in the neck the next day, an anti-viral injection two days after that [in the neck], and this morning he had bites all over that same area of his neck! All I can do is ice his neck and apply witch hazel. He seems to like both those treatments.

Thank you so much for dropping by!